Makkah hotel hires 41 Saudi women

Courtesy of  Saudi Gazette:

MAKKAH — A well-known hotel in Makkah hired 41 Saudi women to work in various departments including reception, bookings, administration and the kitchen, Al-Madina newspaper reported.

Abeer Al-Harbi said she worked in food preparation and was happy with the work environment.

“My work environment is a very healthy one. I can have my privacy but I do not feel isolated from the rest of the employees,” said Al-Harbi.

Receptionist Sara Najjar said she was determined to learn as much as she can from her workplace.

“We meet people from all over the world who speak different languages and have different cultures. It has opened my eyes to so many things I did not know about before,” said Najjar.

Receptionist Reem Baqatyan said she found the career ladder in her work field to be clear and straight forward.

“I know what I am working toward. Things are clearly stated. I am confident that I will earn my effort’s worth,” said Baqatyan.

Araa Bukhari, a call center employee, said she received tens of calls every day from the guests of the hotel.

“A lot of the guests are happy to know that I am a Saudi and they encourage me,” said Bukhari.

Medical insurance coordinator Afaf Abdullah said she found a lot of opportunities to advance her career in her workplace.

The general manager of the hotel, Fahd Bayoumi, said the hotel kept its doors open to women applicants in all its departments.

“We now have women employees in the kitchen, supervision, medical insurance and human resources. Most of our employees have a Bachelor’s degree and many of them have a Master’s degree as well. They speak multiple languages including English, French, Turkish and Malay,” said Bayoumi.

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