Blogger’s Meetup by

Blogger’s Meetup by

An Interactive Session with the Bloggers Community of Lahore


(Lahore – January 27, 2018), on Saturday, organized a meetup for the most energetic sector of social media, i.e., ‘bloggers community’.

The event embraced real estate experts who shed light on the complexities involved in the real estate sector. Attended by a large number of bloggers, this event was arranged to spread information about the changes taking place in the real estate industry due to the transformations in this e-tail and retail era. The reason why bloggers were a part of this event is that they are an important source in spreading awareness to a large number of people through their blogs, strong networking and social influence.

The session lasted two hours where some of the top real estate experts and the core members of discussed different topics including why it is becoming more important than ever for realtors to use the digital age in their good faith.

Mr. Hassan Sales Manager said, “It is the need of the hour to use the online property portals to reach a large number of customers. The way we used to live our lives has changed and it is important to mold the ways of performing business activities to meet the requirements of this current era. He further said, “Today, people don’t have time to look at newspapers and visit the websites to buy a property and they find it convenient to browse the internet. If we don’t catch up to such channels of advertising property listings, we will be left far behind others.”

Earlier this month, also arranged an Open House Session solely for the real estate agents of Lahore to introduce them to the property portal and how they can use it to reach maximum customers. Those who don’t know, is a premium property portal that is changing the conventional ways of promoting property listings online. Having an experienced team of professionals, they know how to provide maximum projection to all the listings. Currently, there is a large database of properties available at with more adding up on a daily basis.

The Bloggers’ Meetup was very productive in terms of knowledge and meeting like-minded creative group of people to exchange knowledge. Moreover, this was not a one-time-only session but more like these are lined up in future as well. The event was followed by refreshments that allowed people to interact with each other and share some light moments.

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