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  • Justice Ginsburg put a temporary hold on House subpoenas seeking the President's financial records December 6, 2019
    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday put a temporary hold on House subpoenas requesting President Donald Trump's financial documents from two banks. In a brief order, Ginsburg said a lower court opinion that allowed the subpoenas to proceed would go on hold until December 13.
  • READ: Trump appeal to Supreme Court to block House subpoenas December 5, 2019
    President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court Thursday to block a subpoena for his financial documents, arguing that the House exceeded its authority when it ordered Trump's longtime accounting firm Mazars USA to turn over his personal records.
  • The secret to why Trump won't release his taxes May 6, 2019
    CNN's Chris Cillizza says President Donald Trump has constructed a narrative in which he clawed his way to the top by sheer will. The New York Times released a story that calls that narrative into question. Were Trump's financial successes heavily funded by his father Fred? (Spoiler alert: Yes.)
  • Appeals court says banks must turn over Trump financial records to House Democrats December 3, 2019
    Two banks must turn over President Donald Trump's financial records to the Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives, dealing another blow to the President's efforts to block Congress' move to obtain his financial records, a federal appeals court in New York ruled Tuesday.