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  • The first televised impeachment hearings in Trump's presidency are set to begin Wednesday November 13, 2019
    The gravity and drama of the first televised impeachment hearings into Donald Trump's presidency on Wednesday will imprint themselves on history and reverberate far from Washington.
  • Many angry at Mulvaney's 'incomprehensible' legal approach November 13, 2019
    The White House is entering a pivotal phase of impeachment proceedings amid internal consternation over legal strategy and fresh apprehension at how President Donald Trump will react to hours of televised testimony.
  • Top US diplomat to Ukraine is a key impeachment witness November 12, 2019
    Ambassador Bill Taylor came out of retirement to lead the US embassy in Kiev -- a decision he did not take lightly. Now the longtime diplomat is a central figure in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and will become one of the first witnesses to testify publicly as part of the probe.
  • How the impeachment hearings will work November 12, 2019
    Make no mistake about it: Democrats all but acknowledge there will be a vote to impeach President Donald Trump. But this week, and the hearings that follow, mark an enormously important piece of that process. Democrats on the investigating committees make clear they already believe they have the evidence to move forward with impeachment. These […]